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Thinking about quitting your job?

Ok, so you might think you are bored of your current job, maybe you think the administration sucks, or that they are assigning tasks to you that don’t correspond to your area. Maybe they are paying you less than what you expected, or maybe they are taking a bit too long in moving you up to the next rung.

It’s a complex world we work in, and the following applies to small and large businesses; The vast majority of employees are always looking for a better quality of life, more income, a better position, etc. The vast majority of employers are looking for more profits, better elements, less costs, etc.

You may think that you might be a very good resource, that your capable of doing so much more, but to the administration you are only another element that represents a cost to the business, and while you don’t generate more income the less cost you generate will be better for them.

Theres a point of equillibrium here that businesses must seek: Put you in a position of comfort, where you earn the salary you wish, but continue to work for the business, in a position that represents a moderate expense for them, which will keep both of you happy. Unfortunately, we are never happy with what we have.

So many times we find ourselves in this position in which we want a higher salary, but we’re afraid the administration will bounce us off, we also want a higher position, but maybe the business isn’t in that great a shape to offer it to us, or maybe they have other “better” candidates.

My tip here is: If you really feel you’re wasting your time, leg it, there’s no point in wasting time in a business that will never let you get anywhere better, but be aware of all the risks this has. Sit down and think.

In most cases I’ve found the problem isn’t the business, it’s YOU and ME. We get bored of our position, we end up moving business to business on a horizontal scale, we never get payed much more than our older job, we’re just wasting time switching looking for a perfect spot. The truth is there is no perfect administration.

The point I want to reach is that a change of attitute may help you think twice about moving. I’ve found out that being annoyed at yourself, at the business or at staff members only brings more problems. Even if you don’t like someone very much, or you find your boss annoying, put on a smile, come in everyday feeling good, positive, well rested, thinking about what’s going on now with your mind on the future.

If you have problems completing a task, never get frustrated, if you find you start to circle the same subject, get out, breathe, and attack it from another perspective. If you still can’t complete it, then try studying it, from different angles, and in some moment it will come to you. The more frustrated and distracted you get, the task becomes harder and takes longer, becoming more tedious, and increasing your motivation to leave, walk out, etc.

Cause quiting alone will never get you dry” - Jimmy Eat World (Night Drive)