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The continuous learning process...

Man with a Bagpipe So, you’ve finished school, you’re working, you probably have been doing so for a few (or too many) years. Then one day you stumble on a math equation you saw at High School (Tertiary School if you are British) and you can’t remember where to start solving it. Then someone mentions something about Genghis Khan and you barely remember he was a Mongol that took over many lands.

It’s only natural, you know, to forget things over a period of time. Specially when we don’t use and practice them constantly. How can you avoid losing all that information your teachers took so much pride and effort in stuffing into your brain in the first place?

I came up with an interesting game I am going to start. Every Saturday (or so) I will pick a topic on random, it might be about the British Empire, or about the Chin, or about finding the area under a curve, or parsing XML through the Python programming language, or how to hack the firmware for my digital camera, or maybe how to bake French bread. Then I am going to blog about my findings.

Why? Well… maybe many of you already know some of these things. Then again, maybe many of you don’t. Information is vital in our society: He who knows is he who perseveres. The point of me posting random topics to my Blog is not to brag about how much I know, or what I learned throughout the day, but to share my opinion on a topic I randomly thought about which may be of interest to you.

In the end, it may be a handy read, or it may be irrelevant information, but the point is doing what you feel is right in the end… I feel we all must keep our memories and knowledge alive, and this is might be a good practice to start with.

What do you think? Do you consider you have a better way of keeping knowledge alive in your memory?