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Sitting down to write

I had forgotten what it is to truly feel free. It has been quite a long time since I actually spent a weekend doing what I wanted to do, even if that meant what others would consider ‘working’.

Nonetheless, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s just so frustrating to live life thinking about all the variables surrounding you, how you affect them, how they affect you, and how everything you do will result in the change of those variables, possibly crippling their function in society and therefore affecting you.

Then everything is expressed in the function of time, or f(t), so all resulting variable values are the result of this expression, making it even harder on our brains to evaluate the processes and determine our actual value.

Sometimes it is better just to disconnect. Leave the bloody computer for a day, or if you use it just not worry about people needing you or the need to reply to email. Leave the cellphone, turn it off, feel disconnected. When you remove the pressure of being contactable, many pressures dissipate, leading to less stress.

I feel I’ve somewhat neglected the textual content of this blog. Not because I don’t want to write, or not feeling inspired. I think it is a direct result of the conflicting variables in my head. I hope I have more time to write from now on.