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Review: The Falls by Ian Rankin

The Falls - Ian Rankin

I recently finished reading “The Falls” by Ian Rankin. I would consider it to be an interesting crime novel. It includes particularly interesting elements of history into the book, and is very well written.

The plot is concise, and I found no immediately-evident holes. There was an excellent use of Scottish history, and quite an extensive vocabulary, including Scottish phrases and words.

One thing I thought was a bit bothersome was the fact that from 3/4 of the book, till about 30 pages before the end, the pace seemed to slow down a lot. Everything seemed to stagnate, and the characters didn’t seem quite well to know what they were doing, or seemed to be getting nowhere. Considering this is a crime novel, a large book, and written by a respectable author, I find it amusing to see this kind of problem. However, it was just a small one in the whole picture.

I would rate the book 3.5 out of 5