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Learning About: Not living in a desperate way

Computer Problems - By MandyXclearA few months ago I put together a new computer. I hadn’t done this in ages so, naturally, I did some mistakes.

My main problem was not using the motherboard spacers. Yeah, I screwed the motherboard right onto the case. This (for those who don’t know much about computers) causes immediate short circuit. Fortunately my motherboard has a short-circuit detector and did not allow me to turn it on.

So I went to a computer repair shop with the PC, asked around for the fault, and immediately a guy pointed out my mistake.

I told him “I knew something was wrong, as I had to press really hard on the PCI/PCIe cards to get them in place, and even so they didn’t fit in well”. To which he replied “When something doesn’t fit in naturally you must be doing something wrong, everything should just fit in.”

So I went back home and put it together in the right way, and it turned on without a problem.

His words, however, stuck with me. They not only worked out for my computer problem, but they apply equally to all aspects of life. If something doesn’t feel right, then you must be doing it wrong.

  • If you eat something that doesn’t taste good, you spit it out or stop eating it.
  • If you put your hand too close to the fire you naturally take it away.
  • If you buy something you didn’t like you don’t (generally) buy it again.

So, then, if we act so naturally about so many of these things, why not apply them to cases such as the following:

  • If we are in a job we don’t like, why don’t we leave it?
  • If we are in a position we can’t handle, why don’t we say it?
  • If we are under a lot of stress, why don’t we deal with it?

It’s ALL about communication and action. It’s not about not being able to handle something, it’s about not communicating it to the right person. It’s not about not being comfortable in a job, it’s about doing something about it. Don’t be afraid to live right.