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I just came back a few days ago from spending a week in Krakow, and what a beautiful city it is. With an amazing historic city centre, and lots to do around the city, it is well worth visiting.

I recorded quite a bit of footage with the intent of making a somewhat experimental video. Instead of being your standard vlog narrating our strolls around the city, food, and landmarks, it takes a different tone, with very little speech. The intent is more of an audio-visual experience, with music matching the tone of the scenes. It will take quite a while to edit and then record the score for it, but that was what I was thinking about while recording the individual scenes over the course of a week. Hopefully it comes out as I intend it to, maybe a few months down the line.

A few things to visit if you happen to be passing by the city for a few days:

  • The castle (1-2 hours, I’d go mostly around the castle and not to specific exhibits… great for photos)
  • There is a dragon statue that spits fire behind the castle (next to the river)
  • The historic city centre (the x-mas market there is amazing, but also the interior of the building with artesanal wares)
  • Kazimierz (the region has great bars and an AMAZING ribs restaurant called “RZEZNIA”)
  • To the south of Kazimierz you have a few bridges crossing the Wisła river, they have cool lights at night!
  • Park Bednarskiego (climb the hills for a nice view!)
  • Galeria Krakowska (shopping mall, probably spent too much time here)
  • The botanical garden just east of th ecity centre
  • Behind the TAURON arena in the east there is a really beautiful (BIG) park; it was snowing when I went making it amazing

There is plenty more to visit, so many cool restaurants and bars, landmarks and epic sightseeing spots, but this is the bare minimum I think you should have on your list if you are visiting for 2-3 days.

Public transport is great and super fast, you can take the train to get to multiple parts of the city which I found sometimes more optimal than buses/taxis/etc.